Easy-to-Install LED Magnetic Retrofit Kits

See how Miami of Ohio High School took advantage of energy rebates to save big.

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LED Volumetric Retrofit Kits

Installation is a breeze

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LED Strip Retrofits

Save on labor & get premium incentives with our LED Strip Retrofit

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LED Strip Retrofit

Work Faster. Save More.

Our lensed strip retrofit streamlines the upgrade process.  You can install our Retrofit to your base frame in minutes. Plus, the product helps eliminate costly steps, like installing a new base frame, or disposing the old one… or touching-up the ceiling paint to match a new fixture outline.

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LED Volumetric Retrofit

Light that's always right

The even lighting distribution and low glare lens in our Volumetric Retrofits gives them a crowd-pleasing appeal, and they’re dimmable to user preferences as needed.

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LED Magnetic RetroFit

New life for existing troffers

Upgrade any existing fluorescent troffer with our extensive line of LED Magnetic Retrofit Kits. Available in a range of wattages, sizes, color temperatures and lumen packages.

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LED Flat Panel Retrofit

LED Retrofit Kits

A modern solution

Offering up to 128 lumens/watt, this retrofit option ensures even, low glare, edge-to-edge illumination that will immediately transform any room with it’s modern look and efficiency.

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